Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Lesson in Motherhood from Legos

Adam has gotten into Legos lately. (Translation: I spend hours on intricate creations following page after page of detailed instructions while he happily plays nearby with the little people that he can put together in a matter of seconds.) The other day, while searching the table for a tiny piece, scanning the shapes over and over again, I wished I could just stick some other piece in its place and move on, but it doesn't work that way. Each layer builds on the previous one, and a missing piece or the wrong piece will put the rest of the object in jeopardy of crumbling apart.

Those little pieces remind me of raising kids. I feel like every little piece we click into place matters, especially those blocks fastened down in their early years, and I can't go back and rebuild. I just have to build to the best of my ability each step of the way.

I have given up some things this year in order to focus more on the building of these two little boys and to give more time to taking care of myself. Saying "no" isn't easy, but I am learning that just because I might be good at something doesn't mean I should do it. I am really trying to do little things that give me a boost each day. I've had fun updating my wardrobe and putting new outfits together, reading some fiction books, doing little craft or organization projects around the house, and even going beyond "pinning" and actually making those new recipes or photo walls happen in my house.

Saying "no" isn't selfish. Saying "no" gives you a chance to say "yes" to something else. Devote time to taking care of yourself so you can better serve others. When we are drained, our attitudes are not what they should be as we give to others. Life can be exhausting. Especially for moms. No one else can make you slow down. Take a breath. Un-commit to something so that you can be present in your own life. No one feels loved when we are rushing around checking things off of our lists, and we can't go back and re-connect these building blocks of raising our precious children. We are the ones that will crumble if we look back with regret.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dining Room Makeover- Giving a Little Room a Lot of Class

I have been dreaming of ways to change our dining room for a long time. The walls were plain white, and it was pretty boring. A few days ago, we had it painted and got some crown molding & wainscoting added. This room has been totally transformed. I forgot to get "before" photos, but here is the "after."
I painted some old frames white & distressed them with sandpaper & used the same technique on a few accent pieces I found that weren't white. Adam got me that clock for my birthday a year or two ago & I painted it to match, too.

I am still working on the centerpiece (notice the price tags still on some of those flowers?). I am not sure exactly what I want just yet, but I like it so far.
The mirror cast a weird reflection on the left wall, there. Wes thinks my fork & spoon are silly. I mean, he had tears of laughter in his eyes while telling me that! I think I'll leave them up just to see him laugh so much! Plus...I LIKE them!
The quote on the lower left frame says, "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." (quote from Angela Schwindt)

The living room walls were also painted & I have new curtains up, but I won't show photos of that room until after I get my DIY artwork done & hang it on the wall.

Enjoy the rest of your week!